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Boston Church of Christ

Now officially called the "International Church of Christ," this organization is one of the most famous of the Jesus cults who bombard members with "love" and pop up on college campuses all over the country. Their favorite tactic is to target newcomers to campus and invite them to "Bible study groups" where they feel "needed" and "loved." Of course, they don't mention their belief that they are the only true followers of Jesus, and that members are encouraged to break contact with their own families. The Web site is the usual collection of propaganda, "good news," talk about how the organization is "growing," and other pablum…though, strangely, they don't mention the Usenet newsgroup, which encourages people of all faiths to discuss the Boston Church of Christ.

In the early 2000s, major internal power struggles rocked the Church of Christ to its very core. The founder and leader of the organization, Kip McKean, resigned from the organization but then tried to take it over once again, and this resulted in a major schism within the movement. McKean broke away and formed his own denomination, "International Christian Churches," while the International Church (or Churches) of Christ reorganized into a less centrally-controlled organization, with more leeway and breathing space among the various congregations. Kip McKean's breakaway church can be found at: and

For more information, check out the REVEAL site, which criticizes and exposes the organization.