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Brother Jed Smock

"Brother George 'Jed' Smock is perhaps the originator of the American Phenomenon known as the Lunatic Street Preacher. Smock travels the country, screaming his fool head off in public, calling for a religious revival. He has spawned a flock of fans who, in comparison to the fanatical followers of the Grateful Dead, call themselves 'Jed-Heads'. Jed preaches what is known as 'confrontational evangelism', which is essentially an angry 'in your face' form of evangelism, where being a rude, arrogant S.O.B is all part of the plan. Brother Jed beleives that the only way to get the word of God out in this modern age, is to get out into people's faces and scream it at them! Some would argue that he's full of the spirit when preaching in his mannic way, but I think we all know what he's really full of!" – Psycho Dave