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Bubba Ho-Tep

You wanna know what really happened to Elvis? Then watch this movie.

There have been TONS of movies with Good-vs-Evil themes, but this is the first movie that actually tells you why it's worth it (if you read between the lines).

Where's Elvis? He's not six-feet under or flying around in a Pleasure Saucer like he ought to be. No! He's stuck down here with the rest of us, holed up in a nursing home with a tumor on his dick. And just when things couldn't get any worse, a mummy shows up in a 6 gallon hat and boots.

Where on Earth could such a morealistic Fate Prank occur? Well, where else but Dallas, Texas. That's right, the old HQ of "Bob", the land that Stang forgot is home to dethroned Rock Kings and dead Egyptians in Red Ryder regalia.

Then who's gonna save Texas? Well who else but the King, baby? With the help of a schizo who thinks he's JFK in blackface (played by Ossie Davis for some blackmailed reason), it's up to Elvis (played by the greatest badfilm actor of all times, "Bob"'s favorite illegitimate son, Bruce Campbell) and his walker to take down that dead son of a jackal-headed bitch.

Will he win? He's the King, baby.