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Penn & Teller's show on Showtime based on debunking pseudo-science and other aspects of our culture that aren't entirely on the up-and-up. The first season is by far the best, as they, for the most part, stick to pseudo-science; the later seasons are more up-and-down as they tend to expand their scope to things that are typically more Sociology, and their style of argument (insulting folks without offering much in the way of proof) doesn't work quite as well when they say things that are more argueable than, say, whether or not magnet therapy works, where all they have to do with proof is, well, show that there aren't any results and that it doesn't "attract the iron in the blood" or whatever bullshit they claim is why it works. (I'd also like it much better if they linked their source list/bibliography on their website so folks could do the same research they did.) It's still a damn fine show, though and worth watching, even if some of the later episodes can be a little cringeworthy (what the fuck was up with the College one? They could have had a good episode in that, but instead, they just did a trainwreck…).