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These guys specialize in getting the government really ticked off at them. The Cryptome site specializes in exposing secret documents, papers that "they" try to keep hidden, and (especially) cryptographic developments. They make these papers available for the world to see – and more than once, the United States government has tried to shut them down. (The latest attempt occurred in January of 2005, when Crytome was labeled a threat to "national security" because it was allegedly making information available that "terrorists" could use.)

It's not an easy-to-read blog with lots of pretty pictures; rather, the entries here are the complete text of government documents, memos, legislation proposals, reports on ongoing government campaigns, and so on. The maintainers of Cryptome also like to use Google Maps to "eyeball" their favorite targets: they link to satellite photos of the home of the Secretary of Defense or a certain "classified" military base, for instance. Almost all of the documents presented here are actually publicly available, but many of them are so obscure (or deliberately buried) that it takes a political dumpster-diver like this to bring them to the light of day.