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Capt. Zeston Norelco

Rambling wackjob and badfilm consumer (ate 12 of 'em for breakfast before writing this desc).

He has Paid His Dues, MuthaFucka, and is busy building his Intergalactic Transdimensional Time Tub when he's not writing commentaries on wikis and message boards.

He's tired of waiting for July 5, 8661 and is going to build his own ship and grow his own Alien Saviors/Mutant Army, and maybe if he's feeling generous, he'll come back here and grab his SubGenii buddies and a dozen or so sex-slaves and hu-meats of various colors and persuasions.

So if you find yourself whilst away onto a B-Movie set with sleak looking aliens and a Nut in a tin-foil costume, CONSIDER YOURSELF LUCKY!