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Cast Iron Fudge

Pans needed: 10-inch Cast Iron skillet to prepare the fudge, plus one pan such as a pie plate (glass or aluminum) to cool the fudge in the refriderator.

Dry ingredients:

Wet ingredients:

In a 10-inch cast iron skillet, mix dry ingredients (sugar, cocoa, flour) until well blended. Mix in the cream and syrup and bring mixture to a full boil. Reduce heat, stirring constantly and cook until a drop of mixture in a saucer of cold water forms a soft ball. Remove from heat and drop in butter and vanilla. (Do not mix butter and vanilla at this time.)

When fudge reaches 110 degrees, or when you can comfortably hold your hand to the sides of the skillet, beat the mixture with a wooden spoon until it starts to set up and looses its glossy glaze. Pour into a buttered plate and cut into small squares when fudge is hard.