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For a more amusing example of people who will believe anything if it's in a book, we've got the followers of Imanuel Velikovsky. These folks insist on following the writings of Mr. V., who theories included the idea of the planet Venus actually being a part of Jupiter, until it was spit out and tossed around the solar system before finally settling in its current orbit. The problem with the catastrophism people is that they have been blasted again and again on the various science-related newsgroups on Usenet; so when they finally tried to create their own group called talk.catastrophism, they insisted on it being a moderated group where they could carefully control the content '- in other words, they wanted to censor those arguments that proved how ridiculous Velikovsky's ideas were. So much for the idea of conforming to the results of scientific research, eh? (An unmoderated newsgroup called alt.catastrophism has since been created.)