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Center for Public Integrity


These folks are a non-profit organization that keeps track of campaign funding for all of the various political campaigns in Washington. They're a watchdog group informing the public of just how many millions of your tax dollars are being poured into slick TV commercials and publications meant to smear opponents and get crafty con men into office. In this day and age where people judge a candidate by the quality of his TV image, people all too often forget that there's a lot more to an election than merely watching TV and voting. When you see just how much money is involved with the Washington political TV, you'll be shocked, outraged, and offended. GOOD! That's a whole lot better than just being another stupid brain-dead "statistic," blinded by a lot of cash and an (poor, misused) American Flag! (The CPI Web page is just one of many useful organizations being hosted at the Essential Information site, home of many grass-roots campaigns meant to wake you up and shock you into DOING something about the decrepit state of this great nation of ours.)