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The bizarre notion that there are "Chemtrails" appears to have been started by Art Bell, one of the more bizarre right-wing Republican kooks who enjoyed many years as a well-liked talk radio host. (And as you may recall, Art Bell's show been accused of being responsible for the Heaven's Gate followers committing suicide after the notion a comet (Hale-Bopp, as I recall) was being trailed by a flying saucer.)

Now "Chemtrails" are everywhere. Any time some believers spots a cloud they don't like or sees a jet aircraft's contrail, they yark off into the insane notion that somebody up there is trying to kill them!

'Course SubGenii will note that there really IS someone up there trying to kill them, but they're not spraying poison from jet aircraft and other stupid Pink nonsense.

Of course it's not just a United States conspiracy. It's international:

With all the massive information about this secret conspiracy, it's a good thing there's a Chemtrail Central:

Presumably Canadian Chemtrails are different than those being used in the United States to slaughter us:

Now I don't know about you, but I think that if any place deserves to be sprayed, it's New York:

No. Make that two places. I hate Santa Cruz:

Google likes to note that there are over 159,000 web pages as of today (10/May/2005) that cover this massive conspiracy.