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Christian Falangist Party of America

These guys aren't as obsessively full of religious lunacy as your typical kooks, and their somewhat more moderate beliefs may actually win them some followers. Like a number of other groups, their primary goal is to ensure that a proper "Christian" government is installed as the head of the United States, so that we can live in a peaceful country free of such blasphemies as Islam, homosexuality, abortion, euthanasia, and all of the usual Enemies of God. "Falangist" is a word taken from the Christian-based political party in Lebanon that actually managed to get their candidate elected President of that country, until he was assassinated back in 1982. His supporters have emigrated to America and established themselves here as Christian Falangists. Their creed includes such words of wisdom as:

"…maintaining and defending "Christian civilization" both here and abroad."
"…The immoral and decadent trend in society must be stopped."
"…what consenting adults do in private is between them and God and not the government's business no matter how filthy, perverted and disgusting it is."
"…sexual perverts should not have the right to publicly flaunt their bizarre and disgusting behavior in the form of 'Pride Day' parades."

They also support returning the United states to the silver standard, rehabilitating prisons, and cracking down on immigrants. So they're not really racists…they're just sort of racists.

(More interesting is their "Islamaniacs" page, which exposes what they believe is the DARK TRUTH about Islam.)