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Christian Marijuana

About once every month, the newswires report on a new court case involving someone who tried to use "religious exemption" to get around existing marijuana laws. The idea is always the same: the First Amendment to the United States Constitution protects "religious expression," and therefore use of marijuana for "religious purposes" is legal and should not be banned. However, without exception this argument has failed in court. It doesn't seem to have stopped them from trying again and again, however.

The majority of these "religious marijuana churches" are either Rastafarian or just New Age Crap based on the 1960s trippin' culture. Christian Marijuana, however, is the first "Christian" group I've seen that tries to use Christian teachings to prove that it's okay to toke up and roll a joint for Christ. The Web site does not, "We are not recognized by any Church or Government – Thank God!" They have a number of rants against current drug laws, and their list of Definition of Terms is a mixture of Bible terms and drug terms, with "Sinsemilla" and "Tetrahydrocannabinol" alongside "Catho-satanic" and "Paraclete."

(Their Statement of Faith page starts out with long list of Bible quotes about Christ and Satan (Lucifer)…though there's one quote near the very bottom that notes, "We believe that "UFO's" are multidimensional craft, some of which were stolen by Lucifer and his followers. The abductions of sexual and reproductive nature are the evil ones trying to find a way to enter into this world. As they are not able to sustain themselves in this dimension, in their true form. (No Scripture - Bible Christian Interpretation)")