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Church Universal and Triumphant

Now renamed as The Summit Lighthouse, this group was infamous for the weapons cache it spent years building at its compound just outside of Yellowstone National Park. However, when its leader Elizabeth Claire Prophet developed Alzheimer's disease, its following and finances dwindled to the point where the group had to declare bankruptcy. They're not out of it yet, however; they've recently begun reorganizing themselves and are once again seeking new members.

"Elizabeth Claire Prophet heads this cult (who live not too far from the Freemen in Montana!) which lives on a big paramilitary compound with lots of guns, some armoured vehicles, and prophecies of doomsday. Remember the Heaven's Gate Cult, and David Koresh before them? THIS IS THE CULT TO WATCH THE NEWS FOR!!!!! Someday, you will hear of a mass-suicide or attack from the FBI. The philosophy and weapons stockpile of this group make them one of the most closely watched cults in the country right now." – Psycho Dave