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Church of Euthanasia

One of Internet's longest-running and most successful online trolling efforts, the Church of Euthanasia even surpasses the Landover Baptist Church with its list of successful groups who have fallen for its propaganda, hook-line-and-sinker. The basic message of Reverend Chris Korda can be summed up in five words: SAVE THE PLANET, KILL YOURSELF. Essentially, the idea here is that humans have ruined the planet Earth, so the best thing we can all do to restore the beauty of the world is to remove ourselves from it. To promote this idea, the Church offers information about suicide and euthanasia (in all its various forms) to visitors. This means that, naturally, members of the Church are in favor of such controversial subjects as physician-assisted suicide, abortion rights, legalized suicide, the death penalty, and similar topics. Dr. Jack Kevorkian is, of course, one of the Church's saints.

The creed of the Church is based on four principle pillars: suicide, abortion, cannibalism ("strictly limited to consumption of the already dead"), and sodomy ("any sexual act not intended for procreation"). However, it should be noted that the Church promotes only voluntary human extinction, and it distances itself from any involuntary acts such as murder, torture, or involuntary forced castration.

Over the years since its inception, the Church of Euthanasia has successfully pulled off a number of media pranks that have ticked off large numbers of people – many who deserve to be upset, but also a number of third-party bystanders who don't get the artistic statement beneath the surface of the Church. I'd heard of them myself through my correspondence with Orton Nenslo, but they first came to my attention in the mid-1990s, when they undertook one of the first (unfortunately) mass email spamming incidents. On September 10-11, 1994, about five months after the infamous "Green Card Spam," thousands of Net users received email messages from the Church announcing its creed: "SAVE THE PLANET, KILL YOURSELF." This was when spamming was (mostly) brand-new, and a lot of people took the message at face value. The resulting backlash from outraged Netizens forced the Church to find a new Internet service provider. Fortunately, they've been more selective in their targets since then; this makes them a lot easier to support from a SubGenius point of view.

At least once, members the Church of Euthanasia managed to get themselves profiled on the Jerry Springer Show – "I Want To Join A Suicide Cult!" But even more mainstream media sources have been fooled by the CoE – on February 18, 2008, the UK's London Telegraph published a scare story entitled "Predators Tell Children How To Kill Themselves" [1] featuring a wild photo of CoE Reverend Nagasiva Yronwode on its front page. Lunatic anti-abortion group the Creator's Rights Party considered the Church one of their greatest enemies, simply because they exist at all.

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