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Church of Reality

Here's a group that believes God is irrelevent to religion. Rather than a faith-based religion, this is supposed to be a "doubt based" religion. Church of Reality founder Mark Perkel says:

"Realism doesn't focus on fictional beings. It's not about what doesn't exist but what does exist. God isn't relevant in Realism. God is unimportant. What we focus on is what is real, not what isn't real. The more I think it through the more I think that it's important to move the focus off the debate about fiction to the debate about reality. Atheism plays into the hands of the Theists in that it keeps the focus on the fictional world while ignoring the real world. As Realist we need to change the focus away from God to reality."

It may be a bunch of pretentious claptrap, but they've gotten as far as getting tax-exempt status. They've also fought for a schoolboys religious rights as an individual to refuse to wear a school uniform.