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Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster

All hail the True Creator of the Universe: the Flying Spaghetti Monster!

There have been stories of classroom curricula in Kansas being changed to allow for the teaching of so-called "Intelligent Design." Supporters of ID ( which in my opinion should be called "Ignorant Design" ) state that this isn't the case; rather, they are allowing for "criticism" of evolution and the acknowledgement that "alternate theories" to evolution exist. This school of thought was recently given a boost by none other than the President of the United States, George Dubya Bush, who in August of 2005 also endorsed the idea that "alternatives" to evolution should be taught in schools.

Fortunately, the rebels and SubGenii aren't taking this lying down. If the creationists want "alternative" theories to be taught to children, then they've got a whopper of a creation myth to offer as an "alternative" to science. Behold: the Flying Spaghetti Monster!

Supporters of Spaghettiism have been bombarding the members of the Kansas Board of Education with emails in support of the introduction of the Spaghetti Monster into the educatiion system. After all, they note, Intelligent Design is just as valid, legitimate, and scientifically accurate as a Flying Spaghetti Monster. Therefore, the Spaghetti Monster deserves consideration as an "alternative" to evolution.

The sacred FSM has been a big hit among anti-ID fans. In its short lifetime, the FSM site has racked up over 2 million visitors! Damn, I'm jealous. ( The ID folks know about Spaghettiism, and they are not amused. )

Alas, it has recently been revealed that the sacred FSM is not as innocent as he appears! A small but growing number of Flying Spaghetti Monster erotica pictures have been revealed online, proving that the FSM is actually a lecherous old bastard.