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Citizen X

One of the 3 best serial killer movies of all time. Based on a true story, straightforward procedural about a Russian forensics expert's 7-year search for one of the world's most prolific and vicious serial killers… a seemingly ordinary man who killed and mutilated 52 people… 39 of them children. The story is set in the oppressive milieu of pre-Glasnost USSR, where the bureacracy tries to thwart dogged investigator Rea at every step in capturing the killer. Communist Party overseer Joss Ackland states "There are no serial killers in Russia… it is a decadent American phenomenon." Brilliant in its straightforwardness. Rea is great as the oppressed pathologist, Sutherland is superb as the cynical militia colonel and Jeffrey DeMunn is incredible as the impotent, timid little man who becomes a killer.