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Classical MIDI Archives


An exhaustive, exceptionally useful resource for people who want to dig out fun, cheesy MIDI compositions of famous pieces of classical music. Nearly every composer you can think of can be found here, and the MIDI compositions vary from pitiful to outstanding. Some of these sounds are great when put on a Web page -- they're relatively quick for your browser to load, they sound good, and the original musical piece is in the public domain. (That's one reason why movie trailers love to use "O Fortuna" from Carl Orff's Carmina Burana!)

If you have a WAP (mini pretend internet for phones) enabled cell phone you can download Midi files straight into it as a ringtone. Now you can torment everyone on the bus and have Psycho play when your mum phones. Midi files and Polyphonic ringtones are the same thing Here's how to do it:

Your results WILL vary !!! Clever geeks will see 101 other ways to screw with this.