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Comic Book Legal Defense Fund

Comic books are still seen as "kid stuff" by most grown-ups, and this attitude has resulted in widespread ignorance of the great art to be found in the graphic arts medium, especially in the independent and "underground" comic book field. Unfortunately, this view has also enraged a number of authorities figures and Conspiracy dupes, when they discovered that some of these comic books actually contain mature themes and…gasp…SEX. Ever since the 1950s, comic books have been the center of a ridiculous controversy that has left many casualties: authorities and federal agents have actually raided comic book stores and charged their owners with crimes of obscenity and peddling pornography (there have even been charges of child pornography, though not one of these charges has ever been proved over the years). The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund was founded to defend the writers and distributers of comic books from the wanna-be Morality Police, and it's had its hands full over the past few years. As Susan Alton, the executive director of the CBLDF, states: The censors and the "politically correct" tend to pick on the comic industry because they still view comics as products just for kids and thus adult/mature comics are inappropriate, or even illegal, to be available in the same establishment as comics for kids. How come people are more outraged over pictures than they are over plain text and prose?