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These guys know how to put the fun into safe sex. They're a mail order company who put a lot of effort into customer satisfaction. They sell all kinds of condoms (their Web site has pictures of 100 inflated condoms), and they do actual research and subject their products to throrough…umm…testing. They offer hard facts (no pun intended) to support their products and aid in your decision to buy a condom; in addition, they also offer a comprehensive guide to safe sex. What's more, these guys have the honor of being the first company to email me after actually reading my Web site! Email spams from stupid comanies hawking their wares are becoming all too common these days, especially from the sex-oriented companies. But Condomania sent me an email message from my Web page, and they acknowledged the other Sex links at the Cast Iron Chaos. That earned them points in my book, because they actually go out of their way to do business right on the Internet.