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Gosh, that darned Wikipedia is so anti-Christian and biased, these guys had to start up their own wiki! At first I thought this was a reaction to all of the liberal and pagan wikis popping up left and right…but apparently the founders of Conservapedia are more interested in offering an "educational, clean, and concise" alternative to the famous online encyclopedia. They've even compiled their own list of Examples of bias in Wikipedia, in their own educational and concise manner.

This place's popularity really took off in early 2007, following a flurry of press articles and lots of media coverage. The increase in traffic has led to a great increase in the amount of bulldada to be found here, as well: their main page and logo now includes an American Flag and the subtitle "The Trustworthy Encyclopedia," as well as including the Bible Quote of the Day.

Even better are their entries on abortion, evolution, Islam, and all of those other fun controversial subjects. They also have a number of discussion pages that tackle such topics as, "Does bias impair Wikipedia's reliability?" or "Is the theory of macroevolution true?"

(What's more, they have a lousy Web server. It seems to crash every couple of hours or so on a normal day.)