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Conspiracy Planet

Many of the other political conspiracy Web sites are static and only sporadically updated, but Conspiracy Planet is alive and well. I'm sure it's not a coincidence that the color scheme used on the front page of this Web site reminds the reader of the famous …For Dummies books. However, this site doesn't pretend to be an "introduction" to conspiracies. It focuses on political conspiracies, and it explores many of the most popular – and longest-lived – conspiracies around, ranging from 9/11 to the Bilderbergers to the Secret-Cartel-That-Advises-The-President to military mind control. These guys managed to convince Google News to carry their articles in its newsfeeds, which is why articles from Conspiracy Planet are showing up in the RSS newsfeeds. They don't have an actual feed themselves, but Google is happy to do their work for them.

They also provide lots of book reviews – and movie reviews, too! Their main book and film reviewer, Uri Dowbenko, even has his own small-press book of "politically incorrect" movie reviews entitled Hoodwinked: Watching Movies with Eyes Wide Open, which exposes the secret hidden messages embedded in popular movies these days. (Example: "X-Men: Psychic Warfare and the Mind Control Enigma"…)