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Cosmic People of Light Powers

cosmic propaganda.gif
Also known as the "Universe People", the Cosmic People of Light Powers is a religous/spiritual movement that is based in the Czech Republic. It's leader, Ivo A. Benda, claims that extraterrestrials communicate through him with a dire warning for the future. The "good" aliens (also called Angels) are apparently orbiting Earth in a fleet of flying saucers, led by Ashtar Sheran, Commander of the Grand Cosmic Squadron, who are waiting to transport the True Believers to another dimension. In the meantime, mankind is being secretly implanted with "Chips" by the "bad" aliens, known as the Saurians from Hell. The basic gist is this: If you are chipped, you ain't going to the other dimension. Only by embracing a "positive" light can you escape the evil "vibrations" and keep from being implanted. RFID tags, magnetic strips, and UPC codes are all ways that the Suarians from Hells (this is a common misspelling on their many websites) have mananged to build a Chip Slavery Prison. The Cosmic People are also against the idea of a One World Goverment (which is apparently what the Saurians want), which ultimately will lead to "Total Negative Control over your Life, your Thoughts, Feelings, and the Love inside You". Say no to Security Cameras, Snooping, Ignorance, and the merging of PseudoCultures are all edicts of this group. On top of all this Jesus is in the mix as the "Primary Creator of Everything and Everyone", and who happens to also have a "New Revelation" for mankind.. BE NICE or YOU ARE GOING TO HELL ON EARTH WHERE YOUR NEGATIVE ENERGY WILL FEED YOUR OPRESSORS!

As far as joining this cult, there is just an address to send "Donations" that is actually kinda hard to find.

One thing is for sure, if you dig the Kooky, then you have to at least see the bright multicolored web experience that is their official site. No words can describe the all out assault on the mind and the eyes that it brings. In fact, the Cosmic People site nearly hit me as hard as the SubSite. All of the URL's listed seem to point to the same site, which is a bit of a battle to even get to. You will have to sit through a series of pages that redirect after a couple of seconds, not unlike a slideshow, before getting to the good stuff of the main site.

Official site: