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Cowboy Bebop

Before Firefly (Joss Whedon's best project after BTVS), there was this great show that defined the Sci-Fi Western.

Cowboy Bebop is the best Anime T.V. series of all times (not the best movie adaptation but a great series).

If I'm not praying at "Bob's" altar, I'm smoking a Fropstick for Spike Spiegel, one of the true Slackmasters after "Bob".

The Cowboy Bebop crew is a pantheon of ShorDurPerSavs roaming the galaxy looking to make a buck at bounty-hunting while inadvertently saving the day. The oddest thing is that no matter how big the bounty was in the last episode, the crew always ends up broke in the next one.

Along with Spike Spiegel (a green-haired guy from Mars), there's Jet Black (ex-cop turned cyborg Cowboy), Faye Valentine (cryo-chick from the 21st century turned gambling addict in the 23rd), Ed (a 12 yr-old loony hacker genius girl from Old Earth) and Ein (a data dog who's probably the sanest and smartest one in the bunch).

The first-season is played repeatedly on Adult Swim, but the rest are apparently too raunchy for Cartoon Network.

Anyhow, See Ya Space Cowboy.