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Creation Museum

First, there was Dinosaur Adventure Land – the Creationism "theme park" set up by Kent Hovind (a well-known rabid Creationist whacko). But Dinosaur Adventure Land was shut down after its creation, largley because Hovind scoffed at construction codes, tax laws, employee pay laws, and other Satanic niceties. Hovind is now in prison as a result.

But Hovind's dream of a theme park showing the truth about Creationism isn't dead. Answers in Genesis, the biggest and most well-funded creationism organizations, actually managed to raise $27 million in donations to build a full-sized, honest-to-goodness Creationism Museum. Located in the scenic hills of Petersburg, Kentucky (a short distance south of Cincinnati, Ohio), the Creation Museum opened in May of 2007 to controversy, protests…and lots and lots of laughter.

If those dastardly, Satanic Darwinists wanted to show "Young Earth Creationism" as the dumbest scientific theory to grace civilization, they never would have been able to come up with a better idea than the Creation Museum. The amount of awe-inspiring bulldada to be found in this place is simply beyond belief! You can walk right into the front lobby of this place and see, in awe-inspiring detail, an animatronic display of ancient children frolicking with some friendly, loving dinosaurs. This is based on AiG's idea of how men were able to co-exist with dinosaurs: there were real, living dinosaurs in the Garden of Eden. What's more, all of the dinosaurs were herbivores who ate grass (even tyrannosaurus rex). And what's more, the dinosaurs were even there on the Ark when Noah saved the last remnants of humanity and the animal kingdom from the Biblical Flood.

The Flood is omnipresent at the Creation Museum, showing up in nearly every exhibit. An amazing amount of loving detail is spent answering the questions of how the Ark and the Flood could have literally taken place…even though Hindu and Chinese relics predate the Flood. (Not to mention all those pesky fossils lying around all over the world – but don't worry, the Creation Museum will answer all of your questions about the fossils.)

There's so much to see at the Museum! See images (or artists' interpretations) of the Garden of Eden, the Fall from Eden, and the world after we were all kicked out of paradise. You can go to the Stargazers' Room, which AiG promotes this way: "Peer back into the deepest recesses of the heavens, and discover that the latest images of the stars confirm an all powerful Creator, not a random bang!"

Actually, the whole point behind the Creation Museum – and indeed, behind Answers in Genesis itself – really isn't to present an "alternate, spiritual view" of ancient history. The whole idea behind Creationism isn't really to prove its own theories right as it is interested in attacking actual, non-Biblical science. Celebrated skeptical author Michael Shermer pointed out a lot of similarities between creationist and Holocaust deniers: both groups are devoted to their cause to the point where they will deny vast majorities of historical evidence and attack the opposition, because that's all they can do.

But not to worry. As long as there are people who are absolutely convinced they are right and everyone else is wrong, then we'll be seeing monuments to idiocy like the Creation Museum. Who can say what Pinkdom will do to top it?