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Criterion Collection

A completely awesome DVD label that puts out tons of really good, important films, including a bunch of Kurosawa, almost all of the Wes Anderson films, and not enough of the Luis Bunuel ones. They often go above and beyond when putting out DVDs – for example, the Criterion Collection issue of Brazil is 3 DVDs long, featuring the Director's cut, the Studio's "Love Conquers All" edit and a disc of documentaries and supplements. In addition to commentaries on both versions of the film and all other sorts of goodies. It's no wonder they've got such a great reputation. They used to be a Laserdisc label, back in the day – some of the current collection items are ports from their Laserdiscs (Seven Samurai and Brazil for example, or Chasing Amy), but Criterion lost the rights to many of the laserdiscs (Dr. Strangelove or Akira) – sometimes the other companies that put out the DVD versions will have access to Criterion's supplements, othertimes not. This is truly sad when a film that got a Deluxe Criterion issue goes out of their hands and is re-issued on a bare-bones DVD. Boo to that! (Martin Scorsese provided a director's commentary track for the Criterion laserdisc of Taxi Driver, and this is rumored to be one of the most informative of all his commentaries; but this commentary isn't available on any of the DVD editions of the movie.)