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Robert Crumb is well known as one of the pioneers of the underground comic book era of the 1960s, and his "Keep On Truckin'" logo is still well-known today. His comics were (and still are), bizarre, outrageous, shocking, and often offensive. But the story of real-life creator of such psychedelic highlights as Zap Comics and Fritz the Cat is so weird and unusual in itself, you'll remember it for a long time to come. (Robert Crumb describes the Church of the SubGenius as the only religion he could consider joining!) Terry Zwigoff's masterful portrayal of Crumb is presented in such a manner that even as you're shocked at some of the things he draws (e.g. Mr. Natural in "A Bitchin' Bod" ), you see that compared to the other people in his family, he looks almost normal. It's presented in a modest, low-key style that you can't tear your eyes away from after you start watching it. The scene of Crumb's brother Max eating cloth while sitting on a bed of nails is strangely entrancing.