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Crush Yiff Destroy

Article last updated October 3, 2011.

The political infighting and backstabbing in furry fandom is among the worst and nastiest in any fandom group you can think of. Even anime fandom battles pale in comparison to furry flames…some of the time, at least. If you want to see an example of the worst of the worst, you can't do much better than this site. It's dedicated to puting a spotlight on the worst dregs of furry fandom and giving newcomers a glimpse at the lowest of the low. The underlying theme here is the implication that "all" furry fans are like this, not just the few who provide textbook examples of the term "get a life."

Fair warning: the topics covered at this site get very personal. It's sad to think that people devote so much time and effort into building such an elaborate monument to their petty rivalries.

The regular contributors to CYD are actually furries themselves, so they can approach the subject from an insider's point of view. This is why, rather than taking the approach of "look at those disgusting furries and all of their dog sex!," they prefer to revel in gossip and exposing the more idiotic members of the furry community ( the "Burned Fur" folks, or the infamous art thief "Sibe" ). Most of the articles, essays, and rants archived at the site are critiques of furry comics (some of which are also mentioned here in our Online Comics section) and artwork…with an emphasis on the more deviant examples of "furverted" artwork. (they really love Doug Winger's drawings, for instance.) The message board, on the other hand, revels in gossip. When one fur was actually arrested and charged with real-life bestiality, the folks here practically orgasmed.

It reminds me of a moment on FurryMUCK, a few years back, when someone posted a link to a picture of himself standing with his dog. The dog had a very elaborate harness, leash, and collar; and I joked about it with the exclamation, "Doggy BDSM!" The guy immediately sent me a private message blasting me for making fun of his "chosen lifestyle." Apparently he felt that I was insulting "zoophiles" with that remark, even though zoophiles (people who engage in "loving" bestiality) actually treat their pets and lovers with care, love, honor, and respect (according to him, at least). Of course, I never would have known about his "chosen lifestyle" if he hadn't told me about it.

Update, January 6, 2006: The folks at CYD evidently do not like what this entry has to say about them. For a while, if you clicked on the direct link to their Web site listed above, you are redirected to, a lovely porn site featuring pictures gay guys giving blowjobs and having sex in fursuits. (See the entry for fursuit on WikiFur for more details of that.) For a while, this picture would repeatedly pop up new windows in your browser until it crashed; though that script has apparently been removed. (The porn redirect is still in place as of May 15th. You can get around it by going to the LiveJournal CYD community listed above, then clicking on their own link to the actual CYD Web site.)

The block of this Web site was finally removed in early fall of 2006.

Update, May 20, 2009: A full three years after writing this article, the block on this page has been reinstated by CYD. It happened on May 19th, the day I updated my review of the Web comic Better Days – which is one of CYD's most frequent targets. I included a link to their own review of the comic, which paints the comic's creator, Jay Naylor, in a less-than-flattering manner. Suddenly, the redirect from this site is back – and now, it redirects you to a gay senior citizen site. You'd think the folks at CYD would like what little attention they get from this Web site, but evidently they prefer to take this action, which seems to be the equivalent of saying I'm a big meanie poo-poo head. Awwww, too bad. :)

Update, November 22, 2009: The block remains, but it no longer redirects you to gay porn. Instead, the link above will now send you to, which is a message board set up especially for furry discussions…and lots of furry-bashing.

(Interestingly, this entry is one of the few articles at Cast Iron Chaos to elicit commentary from someone who was apparently shocked and stunned by what he saw at this site. He wrote an email stating, "I clicked on the link to the site - and let's just say I instantly wished I hadn't. Endless popups featuring the same bizarre and unappetizing image, ending up with my browser crashing in short order, and me going 'WHAT THE -!?'" The world is a strange place, indeed – we have entries here on con artists, white supremacists, child molesters (legal ones, anyways)…and this Web site is nearly the only one to generate outrage?!?)