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Cube-E Live In Holland

Rev. Syung Myung Me: The live show that was based off of The King and Eye – it's "The History of American Music in 3 E-Z Pieces", the three pieces being "Buckaroo Blues", American Cowboy Music, "Black Barry", American Negro Spirituals and "The Baby King", American Rock'n'Roll up to the point of the British Invasion. The sound on this release leaves something to be desired, but the music is pretty good. It's too bad the Residents claim no satisfactory video footage exists of this show, though, because it strikes me as something that would be really cool to see. (And, really, since when does "no satisfactory footage" stop them? Look at The Mole Show VHS!) "The Baby King" is much better than The King and Eye, though – they'd had time to work on the material a bit more and flesh it out.