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Cult News Network

Rick Ross is the most famous of the deprogrammer crowd: he's taken part in "interventions" and "rescues" of young people sucked into cults of all sorts, and he helped indoctrinate them back into society (and re-unite them with their families). His methods have been highly controversial, and cult groups fall over themselves to make endless criminal accusations against him. He's been called a "kidnapper," "hatemonger," "torturer," and Lord knows what else by cult groups – and by a few anti-cult activists, as well. He's also been sued more times than just about anyone else by cults of all kinds…yet, he still perseveres, determined to do his part to make the world a better place. The most famous lawsuit involving Rick Ross ended up bankrupting and destroying the Cult Awareness Network, which is now staffed by Scientologists. This lawsuit resulted in Ross cutting back on his more controversial activities; now he's a counselor and a consultant more than a "deprogrammer."

Ross's Web site is actually one of the more useful sources of information about cults of all sorts. The most entertaining and eye-catching portion of his site is his daily newsblog, the "Cult News Network" (the other CNN!). He posts daily links to news stories involving cults of all sorts, and all visitors are encouraged to submit links to cult-related news stories. It's useful and relatively non-biased…at least, as far as mainstream news media reports on cult activities are concerned. Ross' own Web site can be found here: