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Cultra Rare Videos

A wonderful site specializing in offering free (and legal) downloads of B-movies, low-budget splatter films, public domain horror movies, and movies that the motion picture industry simply forgot and doesn't care about. Cultra Rare Videos gives you free downloads of full feature-length trash like John Travolta's The Boy In The Bubble, Auditions ("AUDITIONS - Rare film with a VERY young Linnea Quigley!"), House of Long Shadows, The Witchmaker, and other prime trash. Many of these movies are the kind you can see in the $1 DVD bin at your local dollar store, though there are a lot of R-rated splatter flicks and a few sexploitation movies here too. There's even a TV section that has all 67 episodes of Boris Karloff's Thriller, and the late 1960s Green Hornet that starred Bruce Lee as Kato!

UPDATE, April 15, 2009: It looks like Cultra Rare Videos has become a victim of its own success. As of yesterday, April 14th, the following notice appears on the site:
As of Tuesday April 14th, this website regrets to inform those who have made it a success that it will no longer offer free downloads of rare motion pictures not found in the United States, and for most of the world for that matter.
The website will re-open Friday the 17th with DVD sales of most features that were available for free! I wish I could continue to operate with FREE downloads however I was reprimanded by Hostmonster for excessive Bandwidth usage. So if you sign up with a host don't expect UNLIMITED BANDWIDTH as they advertise. It is fraud. They will blame it on your computer, then your cable company, then rogue files and eventually come out with the truth how the ISP and Hostmonster have 'throttled' you for exercising your UNLIMITED downloads. WOW!