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Damoclese -- or when medicated under a doctor's care, Fredric L. Rice -- is one of the many highly unusual characters out there lurking in the fringes of society. As you can see, he looks like one of the dirty, sun burned, crazy desert dwellers so typical of the American South West homeless. (Note the secret hideout located in an undisclosed secret location deep within the Mojave Desert. N 34° 15.503 W 117° 50.876)

While I was crazy, I was a well respected scientist, an organized skeptic who debunked claims of the paranormal ( ) and exposed idiot cults ( ) and did other good things ( ).

These days (now that I'm better) I'm an anti-war / anti-racism / anti-fascism activist ( ) and also an environmental extremist ( ) I'm also doing my part to rid the world of Republicanism through improving the herd ( ) Email me! You'll be annoyed you did.