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Dark Christianity

These guys are a LiveJournal community founded in 2003 by a pagan by the name of "Sunfell," who started it on a whim as a place to talk about the religious right. While a number of atheists dwell among the ranks of this group, these folks aren't here only to bash religion. A large number of debates over the pros and cons of religion (and Christianity in particular) have taken place here, making this one of the more level-headed religious discussion blogs.

DK's ranks have grown to the point where the group has been privy to a number of "exclusive" stories, and several breaking news stories concering religious topics have shown up here first among the blogs.

The community thrived and grew, to the point where they've started their own wiki dedicated to critisizing (or bashing) what they call "dominionism." (That's another name for religious fundamentalism.) They have their hearts in the right place, though so far the entries on their wiki are relatively tame and mainstream. You'll see entries here on Neil Gaiman and Alan Moore, and their movie section includes entries for Dogma and The Handmaid's Tale. But it doesn't seem as though these folks will be posting articles about In the Realm of the Senses or Funeral Parade of Roses at any time soon.