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David Icke

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Dear Friends: I give you the self-styled "The most controversial author
and speaker in the world"
(it says so on his website)

David Icke - former professional footballer (soccer), former BBC TV sports pundit. David famously had something of a very public nervous breakdown several years ago, quit his job - hey! we can all relate to that - and reappeared on the public stage as the self-proclaimed "Son of God".

Yes. THE SON OF GOD. No less!

AND he wanted everyone to wear turquoise shellsuits, just like he did - to promote peace and harmony, or something.

Subsequently he declared that he had been misunderstood, and has reinvented himself as something of a different kind of savoir; one whose duty is to warn the world about ALL the conspiracies out there who want to control us.


There seems to be nothing that he doesn't believe in: Virgin-eating, blood drinking reptilian aliens masquerading as the leading politicians and British Royal Family… Skull and Bones… The Matrix… Princess Diana's death cover-up… mysterious energies emanating from the Texaco logo…

heck, how could you not love him? Except that a lot of his wild (albeit regurgitated) theories attract some unsavory right-wing racist types that he seems unable, or unwilling, to shake off.

See for more uncritical, deranged BELIEF than I could ever describe here.

"In true crank fashion, David Icke claims that some weird X-Files-type conspiracy is attempting to censor him. Apparently, Dave discovered that "…A SHAPESHIFTING REPTILIAN RACE (THE "CHITAURI" TO AFRICANS) HAS CONTROLLED HUMANITY FOR THOUSANDS OF YEARS AND HOW THEIR BLOODLINES ARE IN THE POSITIONS OF ROYAL, POLITICAL AND ECONOMIC POWER TODAY…" Of course, nobody has ever seen or taken pictures of these shapeshifting reptiles, because they have the ability to shape-shift, making them totally indistinguishable from ordinary human beings! Like we never saw that plot-element in about a dozen bad scifi shows!" --Psycho Dave

Tellingly, however, none of those he has accused of being shapeshifting reptiles - including Queen Elizabeth II and former PM Ted Heath - have sued for libel, so it's probably all true.