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Dead Meat

Of the 3 recent cattle-themed horror films I have seen, this is easily the
best, and far outshines the other Irish cattle-themed horror film,

Mad cow disease = flesh-eating zombies. Plus zombie cows and kiddie zombies
in Halloween costumes.

However, the horror film itself pales in comparison to supporting cast
member Eoin Whelan's incredible non-stop CUSSIN'. This film deserves a
special award just for the number of times Whelan utters the word "FOOK" or
"FOOKIN". And he's so damn cheerful and Irish about it.

He lays down a CARPET OF CUSS.

In addition, Whelan hurls one of the most rasty insults I've ever heard
levelled at a woman… one guaranteed to ensure a lifetime of painful
celibacy if you or I used it.

In the short the movie is based on (included in the DVD) Whelan cusses and
slaughters a roomful of grade-school zombies.

If you're looking for a good zombie flick, look elsewhere. However, if you
want MASTER-CLASS CUSSIN', this is the movie for you.