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Dean Yeagle

Now here's a guy who'd make Walt Disney proud…that is, if Disney had ever gotten away from family-oriented cartoons and produced something more risqué. The rise of the Internet has resulted in a flood of idiotic, mindless porn featuring cartoon characters (though some of it is very well drawn), but Dean Yeagle's work differs from the crowd because he specializes in sexy suggestiveness rather than boring hardcore porn.

Yeagle doesn't do "furry" porn; rather, his favorite subjects are pin-ups of nubile, sexy young women who look as though they've snuck out of the side door of Disney's Alice in Wonderland (or the nature fairies of Fantasia) to do a little romping of their own. I was utterly amazed when I stumbled across his work! You can especially tell by the way he draws the faces of his girls that he's been heavily influenced not by anime, but by Disney – especially the classic Disney cartoons of the 40s through the 60s. And best of all, his girls are so wonderfully innocent that it makes them sexier than the hardcore manga porn that's flooding the Internet these days.