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Dinosaur Adventure Land

Creationist whacko Kent Hovind put his money where his mouth is, and he has given us a genuine Creationism-oriented theme park! (The amazing thing is, this isn't the only creationism museum in the USA.) From its catchphrase, "Where Dinosaurs and the Bible meet!", Hovind's dream creation is here to entertain the kiddies – and to indoctrinate its visitors with the idea that "evolution" is wrong, and all those dinosaur fossils buried around the world were actually put there during Noah's Flood!

Yes, it's true – not only did the dinosaurs have a place in God's grand design, but they were even among the animals brought together and put on Noah's Ark!

Here's a quip from a Los Angeles Times article on the park (August 27, 2005):

"Kids romping through the $1.5-million Florida theme park can bounce on a "Long Neck Liftasaurus" swing seat; launch water balloons at a T. rex and a stegosaurus, and smooth their own sandbox-size Grand Canyons, whose formation is credited to the flood. A 'fossilized' pickle purports to show that dinosaur bones could have hardened quickly. Got an upcoming birthday? Dinosaur Adventure Land does pizza parties."

On the web site, don't forget to check out the Amazing Facts link, which offers all kinds of great creationist tidbits like "Giant Pandas Were Designed!" Then there's the Noah's Ark video (which takes a long time to load), which explains how all those animals were able to fit on the ark. (Hint: Noah actually brought baby animals into the Ark, not full-grown ones, because they were much smaller and easier to feed.)

Unfortunately for "Doctor Dino," Dinosaur Adventure Land was shut down by Florida officials in early 2006, and Hovind himself was arrested in July of the same year. The reason? Failure to pay state taxes on the park. Hovind's home was raided by federal officials, who seized thousands of dollars in cash, and a number of guns as well. Hovind and his wife went on trial in October of 2006, and they were found guilty of various charges (mostly stemming from financial mismanagement of the park). In January of 2007, Hovind was sentenced to a ten year term in U.S. federal prison for tax fraud and obstructing federal agents.

However, the dream of Dinosaur Adventure Land isn't completely extinct. The Creationist foundation Answers in Genesis worked on the construction of their own Creation Museum in Kentucky, and opened in May of 2007. Meanwhile, Kent Hovind's son Eric is continuing his legacy, his ministry, and his message.