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This place initially started as a jumping point to many of the "alternative" sites on the Net for information, revelation, conspiracy theories, and sources of information that you usually wouldn't find if you stay with the more popular areas of the Net, such as Yahoo. Disinfo has since gone on to become a publisher of "controversial" books, and unlike many of the smaller fringe publishers (like Paladin Press), their books and their cute little Napster-like logo have popped up at Borders, Barnes & Noble, and other big bookstores. The Disinfo Web site has since become a newsblog, and all of their links have since been converted into "articles." You can sign up for a Disinfo blog account and, like other newsblog sites, your article might end up on their front page if they feel it's informative enough. The site still provides links to "counterculture, counterintelligence, and newspeak," with an emphasis on the fringe elements that do their best to bring their messages and viewpoints to you through the medium of the Net.