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Doug Winger


Doug Winger is an artist whose work is a living example of the statement: you won't believe it unless you see it! He's become a legend on the Net for his artwork. He's got real talent and his drawings are amazing to behold, not only for the drawing but also for the subject matter: perverted furry hermaphrodite porn. "Say WHAT?!?" you may ask. That's right – Doug Winger's artwork is so unbelievably weird that you won't even realize that this stuff actually exists as a genre of its own. And what's more, he churns this stuff out by the hundreds! I've chatted with Doug regularly on FurryMUCK, and he's got a great sense of humour; unlike too many of those anal comic book and furry fans, he doesn't take himself seriously. His artwork, he says, is his way of relaxing and working off the tension from his real job (he's a commercial artist). Whatever floats his boat; after all, he's an adult and no one's forcing you to look at his stuff. What makes his work even more enjoyable is that quite a bit of it is gut-bustingly funny!