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Dr. Gene Scott

NOTE: Dr. Scott died in 2005; looks like his website and ministry are run by his wife now.

"A lot of people ask me 'Who is Dr. Gene Scott?', but I usually tell them that the proper question to ask is 'WHAT is Dr. Gene Scott?' I am still puzzled by this enigma of kooky Kristian broadcasting. Dr. Gene Scott is SO WEIRD, that it's difficult to tell if he is genuine, or if he is a parody of TV Evangelists. Gene Scott is so entertaining because of his odd behavior. He has lectures on topics like 'Amalek Happens', where he reads how the Amalekites were considered lower than excrement to the Hebrews, hence the borrowing of the popular phrase 'Shit Happens'. The guy even sold T-shirts with 'Amalek Happens!' on them. He broadcast a program with a theme song entitled 'Kill Some Piss-Ant for Jesus', and paces back and forth on his stage wearing a pair of sunglasses over his bifocals. He's a real character!" – Psycho Dave