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Dr. Megavolt

This guy built his lifelong obsession with Tesla coils into both a career and a hobby. In the "normal" world, he's a PhD physicist ( ). But when no one is looking (or when he's hired to do a performance), he dons his superhero costume and activates his mighty home-made electrical generator…and he becomes the all-powerful DR. MEGAVOLT, foe of evildoers everywhere!!

Actually, his Web site is really spiffy to look at. He puts on an amazing lightning show, and he's been a regular at Burning Man for several different years. He does educational performances for schools, too.

Rev. Ivan Stang writes: "MEGAVOLT was at Burning Man and Philo Drummond took a picture of me with him!! Truly, I tell you, Megavolt IS ALL POWERFUL!! I saw him hold VCRs and TV sets up to those fucking gigantic vander Graf generators or whatever they are, damn Frankenstein machines, he'd bolt the SHIT out of them – then he asked for people to throw CDs of the Man up to him, to sacrifice. He would then burn the CDs. He threw one down to the crowd from atop his truck and Ray Hey caught it. It was CLEAR!!! BLASTED CLEAR by the VAST POWAH!! – or else it was one of those clear protector thingies that come with bulk CD packages and Megavolt KEEPS the real CDs that are thrown up there!


"I could hardly believe my eyes, honest. It is TRULY spectacular and it makes you realize – THERE ARE SUPERHEROES and the MUTANTS REALLY DO WALK AMONG US."