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Glengarry Glen Ross

David Mamet's portrayal of the male-dominated, cutthroat world of sales is crackling with energy, and James Foley's filmed version of the stage play is an exercise in verbal warfare. There have certainly been moments where you feel as tense and desperate as the characters here – they're desperate to save their worthless jobs, slaving for a company that does not care for them in the least. It's an actor's dream, as the cast puts in stellar performances, and each swear word spoken strikes like a snake. The first half of the film in particular grabs you, and the scenes where Al Pacino shamelessly, smoothly seduces a new client are utterly convincing…until you remember that he's lying to him with every word. Sometimes I feel like watching these scenes and replaying certain moments, which are almost as hypnotic as Taxi Driver in places.