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Talk Warrior

Introducing Moshe "Moses" Moscovitz, fearless talk show host warrior against the insidious forces of Satan himself! This guy hosts his own podcast talk show every other week or so, where he rants about anti-Semitic conspiracies, aliens, and pathetic losers who don't have sex. When he did a show on the Church of the SubGenius (and had a SubGenius reverend from California on the show), he asked such probing questions as "Is the Church of the SubGenius an atheist conspiracy?" and "Do these people actually have sex?" (Ol' Moses frequently declares on the show that he has an IQ of less than 100.) He wears his Jewishness proudly like a battle flag, and fortunately he doesn't drown the listener with religious ranting. There are definitely worse talk show hosts out there than this guy. Hopefully someone will help this guy get onto shortwave!