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One of the oldest settlements in the COMON, Drehmeltons were from a land far from the southeast. Some event caused their entire homeland to be overrun with invaders. Instead of surrender, the Drehmeltons began a full scale retreat. After some years, it became apparent that the exiled people were lost wandering and foraging.

On an initial scouting mission, Aaronian forces near Fort del gran Commendatore discovered the Drehmelton line. Avoiding contact with an aggressive Baseballian presence, Tsar Aaronius LVI offered the Fort to the Drehmeltonian leader Karl Drehmel II.

When the Aaronians withdrew from the Fort following the Summer'o'the'Line, control of the entire territory was handed over to Drehmelton, giving them a homeland again.

In recent years, Drehmeltons have expanded to the South of the Solitu lands, seeking a home away from the conflicts of the Northwestern territories.