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Duck Stab

Rev. Syung Myung Me: This is probably their hit album – it's actually a compilation of two 7" EPs, one released, one intended for release; the reason for this compilation was that the original Duck Stab 7" had poor sound quality because it was 16 minutes long, which is a bit much to fit on a 7" record. So, they put it out as a 12" with a re-ordered Duck Stab on the A-side and the unreleased Buster & Glen on the flip.

The songs on this record are all very nursery-rhyme like, and is the best-sounding of the first albums. The lyrics are intelligible and the instruments sound relatively clear. The Residents were learning how to do album production, and with four albums (plus who knows how many early cassettes) under their belt, pretty much had it down by this point. They'd also been able to get better equipment (the Residents have always been early adopters, which has sometimes worked against them). This is definitely a good starter album. This contains the first Residents song I'd ever heard, actually – "Constantinople" – which made me want to get more of their stuff. This is one of the essential albums.