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Paul Twitchell was a self-proclaimed guru who came up with a sure-fire retirement plan: he started his own religion! Indeed, while Eckankar claims to be based upon Indian teachings (India the sub-continent, not American Indians), it is often accused of being a philosophical mish-mash cobbled together by Twitchell from a bunch of different faiths ranging from Buddhism through the Old Testament. These guys are really into "soul travel," astral projection, reincarnation, and just about every New Age catchphrase you can come up with…although most of these terms are re-named by Eckankar so that the organization can claim them as its own. Followers of this faith seek the pureness of the ECK (a.k.a. God) through repeated singing and chanting exercises, which they call HU (pronounced "hue" ). And as in many mind-control situations, critics claim that the repetition of these exercises dulls the sense of perception and especially destroys independence, creativity, and originality, resulting in the typical "cult trance" you see in a lot of these folks. Twitchell himself died in 1971; the "spiritual leader" of Eckankar since 1981 is Harold Klemp.