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Eli the Bearded


The difference between "erotica" and "smut" is vague and undefined, perhaps no more so than in the realm of erotic fiction. Many stories of a prurient nature have been posted to the various sex-oriented Usenet newsgroups, ranging from well-written and intelligent stories to cheap, laughably conceived "jerk-off" stories that are barely legible at all. The newsgroup rec.arts.erotica attempts to separate the wheat from the chaff of sex stories on the Internet, by only accepting stories the moderator of the group deems to be "erotic." Meanwhile, the newsgroup caters to a wider audience, by allowing all sorts of sex stories (while keeping out the spam that has flooded all of the other* groups). Benjamin Elijah Griffin has compiled this archive of stories from these newsgroups, and his efforts provide an admirable contradiction to an old adage. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but on the Internet where pictures are cheap and plentiful while well-written sex stories are rare, one could easily say that a good story is worth a thousand pictures.