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Ernest Angley

Ah yes, there is truly no limit to the depths the hucksters will go to in their crusades to shill the masses for God. God, as we all know, can cure any ailment…up to and including AIDS. This is why Ernest Angley's miracle healing crusades have been lining up folks in Africa, South America, and other poverty-stricken areas of the world…they know that people are desperate for something, anything that will save their lives and rid them of deadly scourges that are, of course, God's wrath. Got AIDS? No problem – prayer and faith will save you! I'm sure the estimated 20 to 40 million people worldwide stricken with HIV are earnestly praying for healing and salvation. But it takes something special for God to heal you of an incurable disease like AIDS…which is where Ernest Angley enters the picture.

Angley's crusades caused a big stir when they actually promoted testimonies of people being healed of AIDS. Authorities in Africa have been upset with this, and advertising campaigns promoting Angley's ministry in this way have been canceled…but that hasn't stopped him from going on tour and giving hope to people stricken with incurable maladies. (Skeptics may claim that this is the worst form of predatory preaching, along the lines of Psychic Surgery and its claims that incurable diseases can be cured…but hey, what do they know? They don't have faith!)

The good news here is that Rev. Angley is well into his 80s, so his ministry only has a few years left…unless someone decides to follow in his footsteps. But of course, we all know that folks like Angley are God's chosen ones, so it's not likely anyone else will follow in his footsteps and keep the revenue coming in. Right?

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