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Rev. Syung Myung Me: Eskimo was another "hit" album, and the first to have the famous Eyeball Heads on the sleeve. This was a set of soundscapes that illustrated the written stories accompanying the record. There aren't any songs on this album, but it's still very listenable and engaging. They later released a DVD with a 5.1 surround sound mix with images to go along with the stories. The mix was good, but the videos are sometimes a little too literal – one of my favorite things with the album is that you can get lost in the soundscape, but if you read the story along with it, you can hear the events – the people coming up on the walrus during the hunt and it being speared; with the video, it becomes a little more obvious. However, there is a lot of bonus material on the disc, and the video is neat to see sometimes as well (and, if you've got a 5.1 receiver, you can just turn off the TV).

One other thing with this album – since they realized it could be seen as a bit of a pretentious project, to combat that, the Residents also released a single version of Eskimo called Diskomo, which were some of the poppier elements of the album put with a drum machine beat to be danceable, and this actually became a bit of a hit in its own right (there are stories of the Residents going into clubs where a bootleg had been pressed under a different name, "Even Now" by L & O (credited to Luk Devrieze) – so they bought a box to send their publishing company after them for plagiarism, though nothing really came of it.