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Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Michel Gondry's second feature length film, also from a Charlie Kaufman script (like his first film, the underrated Human Nature). My favorite Kaufman script and Gondry's direction is perfect for it. Very emotionally bound; I don't agree with the occasional complaints that this film is "cold" or "clinical" at all. Jim Carrey's surprisingly good in it – as Field Marshall Stack says, Carrey's actually a good actor when the director slaps him around and convinces him he's not funny. (This is what saddens me about A Series of Unfortunate Events; I've never read the books they're based on, but the film seemed like it might be good, until I saw the trailer with Carrey spazzing out and overhamming like he almost always does. It's like he can't do a comedy without acting like an idiot.)